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Keeping Us Connected                 

Volume 2, Issue 1, September 08'


1st Semester Experience


This year Columbia College is offering a new two-day-per-week first semester experience for entering college students, designed to boost success in pursuing college goals, whether students are here for transfer education, a certificate or degree. The first semester experience provides a full course load of 13 units carefully scheduled into two days per week from 8:00 to 5:00 pm, along with student support services and a waiver of book costs for all courses.


1st Year Experience Instructors

John Leamy Craig Johnston, Alicia Kolstad, and Meryl Soto



The 1st semester experience offers English 151 - (Preparation for College Composition), English - 249 (Writing Skills Workshop), Guidance - 100 (College Survival), Math - 202 (Pre-Algebra), and Supplemental Instruction.


Dennis Gervin introducing other faculty and staff involved

Dennis Gervin introducing the other faculty and staff involved




Firing up the FIGs






The AWE Steering Committee

The first AWE Steering Committee meeting on Friday, September 19th reported out all the work from this past school year. Here's a snapshot!

X-Reg - Went well and the actual numbers will be coming in soon. There will be a debriefing on how to make it even better next year.

Online Orientation - Working on developing an online orientation where the students will read a question and then answer it on the computer.

Visibility - AWE Web site and AWE Newsletter.

Early Alert - The system is now operational.

Summer Support Services - The Library was open during the summer. Will resubmit an updated proposal for funds to have the Library, AAC, and the Math lab open during the summer.

First Year Experience - All 22 students who enrolled into the program are still attending. The planning for classes next semester has been completed.

Spring Review - In progress. February is the deadline for the reading event, a student editor is also working on the publication.

ESL - There are 7 classes going this semester.  There are two levels at all locations except Sonora.

Data Collection - Working on data turned in for English.

SLOs - The Basic Skills SLOs were developed at the vocational faculty’s Instructional Skills Workshop and will be posted on the SLO website.



Columbia College


Hewlett  Recognition of Promise



Hewlett Promise representatives


Last spring as you may recall 2 representatives from the Hewlett Recognition of Promise visited the campus. The AWE Steering Committee and cohorts spent time sharing with them what we do to serve our students. On October 2nd, Adrienne Webster, Anne Cavagnaro, Melissa Colón and President Joan Smith will attend a luncheon that will honor Columbia College as one of the finalists for the

Hewlett Leaders in Student Success” .


This is such an "AWEsome" honor for all of us.


Check out the Hewlett Program Web site!


Stay Tuned for the results......

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact Adrienne Webster, Anne Cavagnaro, Meryl Soto, Lynn Martin, Karin Rodts, Craig Johnston or Melissa Colón. Check out the AWE Web site.