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Keeping Us Connected                 

Volume 3, Issue 3, November '09


AWEStars of the Month


Laureen Campana, Coordinator of Health Services/College Nurse and Kim Zubek-Health Services Program Specialist are November’s AWEstars. The Health office serves students with the intervention of minor illness and injury. Laureen really works hard to represent the college in the community to connect and collaborate with other organizations on behalf of our students. Laureen was interviewed by members of the American College Health Association Mental Health Task Force for an upcoming white paper regarding our mental health services as a best practices model. Laureen has also been asked to present at the state health service association of CA Community Colleges to share how we were able to bring the Bob Van to our community.


Laureen Campana, Coordinator Health Services

Laureen Campana, Coordinator Health Services


Laureen is currently enrolled in the online Embedding Basic Skills in Courses and Programs, INDIS 170 taught by Patricia Harrelson and encourages others to enroll in this class. She is excited to learn about how to integrate services and instruction. She is working on creating a stand-alone module that any instructor could include in their curriculum to increase student awareness of their health using basic skills such as summarization and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data.


Kim stated that students often come into the Health Center for a variety of reasons not just health-related issues. Some just want to talk about how to approach an instructor, some are stressed out and they come to a safe setting to gain composure and find the tools to cope. Kim helps the students find their center and move through day to day stresses. Laureen and Kim try to come up ideas other than the standard fare, offering easy inexpensive maintenance ideas to asking questions such as, “have you talked to anyone” or “where are living?”


They keep current  resources and information on services for housing, transportation food, health, and mental health. They are continually trying to stay current and up to date on what the student's needs are and address them in unique ways. Some recent events they have coordinated are:

·         Mental Health Screening

·         Chicken Soup Day

·         Smoking Cessation

Currently, they have projects and ideas they are working on, trying to look at different ways to connect with AWE, Health Services and Culinary as well as reaching out to HHP and the Art Department.


Health Services have expanded from last year:


1-The Health Office is open 5 days a week, M-Th, 11am-6pm/Fridays 9am-4pm


2-Mental Health Counseling is available M-Th a total of 22 hours of counseling a week.


3-The Bob Van is a mobile clinic that brings a host of services and is equipped with a Nurse Practitioner.


Kim Zubek Health Services Program Specialist

Kim Zubek, Health Services Program Specialist


Laureen was quick to comment on the fact that Kim has invigorated the Health Office with her inspirational ideas and eclectic health background. Kim says Laureen makes an incredible effort to get to really know all the students she encounters. They both compliment and accentuate each other’s talents and contributions to make up this dynamic duo and collaborative effort.


Tutor's Corner






Emily Valentine

Emily Valentine, Tutor and SI Leader

Emily Valentine is a Tutor and Supplement Instruction Leader for History and Political Science. She is a Political Science major and hopes to attend Berkeley. Last year she took part in the AWE Committee and hopes to continue when her schedule permits. She contributed to the email committee that was formed last spring and gave suggestions on how to improve the student email system.

Emily is interested in learning every aspect of our political system. Also, she is a performing vocalist, and would like somehow to combine her intellectual and creative side in life. Her tutoring techniques build on the students’ latent knowledge, helping them to compose new knowledge and understanding. She says that everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and in defining those strengths, we can then use those strengths to develop the whole student. Being a tutor has opened up an exciting aspect of teaching and learning to Emily, especially when a tutee grasps a concept and makes the connection—the “aha” moment. Working in the AAC has been an experience more beneficial then she imagined.

Emily would like to encourage us to use different teaching methods to help address different student learning styles. Emily says "some students need more attention, and presenting or saying something in a different way can help".





Spring Flex-Day Activities



Disability Awareness Training with Lisa Smusz


Friday, January 8th


2 sessions

10-Noon & 1-3 

Location TBA



"Who's Who in Online Teaching and Learning" at Columbia College

Friday, January 8th


Location TBA

Find out the facts about Online Teaching & Learning from your colleagues. There will be a Q&A time.


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact Adrienne Webster, Anne Cavagnaro, Alicia Kolstad, John Leamy, Lynn Martin, Karin Rodts, Craig Johnston or Melissa Colón.