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ESL Newsletter
The ESL newsletter highlights all the events and people who made the class a success! Information on classes starting in the fall are available.
Cheryl and Julie ESL Instructors
Cheryl Devine & Julie Renner-Ingber - ESL Instructors

Teachin' & Learnin' Blog
During fall semester 2011 the Teaching and Learning FIG is launching a Teachin' and Learnin' blog. The Teachin' and Learnin' title was hatched in a moment of silliness inspired by the need for the name to fit on the button on the menu bar. We hear a Sierra Foothills appropriate theme song when we read it. You can imagine whatever tune you like!

The blog is a first step at creating a virtual space for staff, faculty, and students to discuss great ideas for supporting student success and issues relating to community college education. The blog is now available on the AWE website! Twyla Olsen is facilitating the conversation and has dubbed the blog "The Path Less Taken". Let's go for a walk!

Fall 2011 GPS
(GPS) Guidance, Planning & Success Tools - Father Time, Anybody There, Dude Relax and more... Check it out!

GPS Fall 2011 Poster PDF image link

Veteran's Book Library
An obstacle for many veteran students is purchasing textbooks upfront when they are paid their Veterans Educational Benefits in arrears. The Veterans Students Success FIG maintains a textbook library for veteran students to utilize in order to smooth the transition into education. Textbooks are purchased for veteran students who would otherwise face a hardship incurring this expense up front. Textbooks are returned by students at the end of the semester and are either returned for a refund to the bookstore, cycling the money back to the fund, or stored in a library for future use by student (depending on the popularity of the subject). The Veterans Helping Veterans campaign has been a great addition to this program as students can donate their textbooks to this library. As of Spring 2011, the Campus Security Office has also donated unclaimed Lost and Found textbooks to this program as well contributing to the growth and success of this AWE FIG!

Embedded Tutor Program
The AAC is currently piloting the Embedded Tutor Program. The program places a tutor in the classroom, working closely with the instructor, for the duration of the course. The E.T. (embedded tutor) works in the class as a peer tutor and mentor, modeling successful academic strategies and habits (GPS). An E.T. offers a seasoned student voice to class discussions, may lead small group break-out sessions, and provide one-on-one mini-tutorials. In addition, an E.T. allows faculty to immediately leverage in-class tutoring, foster a connection for the students with college academic support services, and address essential skills necessary to succeed in college level coursework.

If you would like an E.T. for one of your classes contact the Academic Achievement Center.

First Semester Experience
Columbia College offers a two-day-per-week first semester experience for entering college students, designed to boost success in pursuing college goals, whether students are here for transfer education, a certificate or degree. The experience provides a full course load of 12-13 units carefully scheduled into two days per week, along with student support services and a waiver of book costs for all courses.

1st Year Experience Instructors and Students      First Year Experience Students in the Library