Basic Skills Advisory Committee Meeting


October 27, 2006




Agenda Items



1)     Defining Reassignments

·        Curriculum Development

·        Coordination of Professional Development Activities


2)     Budget


3)     $30,000 allocation to AAC


4)     Faculty Hiring Prioritization


5)     Future meeting dates, (all dates in MCR)

  • November 17, 2006  (330pm-430pm due to Academic Senate Meeting)
  • December 15, 2006  (230pm-330pm correction 430pm)


6)   Other??


One Time Funding $36,000                                                                                                          Match


Instructional Materials                                                                       $ 2,000

Staff Development               

Speakers, Series (Mike Rose?), Team Travel, Travel to

UC Merced (Jennifer McBride)                                           $25,000

            Hourly Staff

Write Curriculum (2 fac / 1 class / 1 semester)                              $ 6,000  VTEA Match $6,000

                                    (20% reassigned)

Lead Person / Coordinator (20%)                                                  $ 3,000

TOTAL           $36,000



Staffing Plan


On-going Top Needs


·        AAC, IA,  40hr/11 mo,  approx $30,000

·        FT Faculty Lab Instructor, 30 hr per week

                                (this could be the Lead Person described above.)

·        Maintain Tutor budget (currently $12,000)

·        Summer funding???Basic Skills Advisory Committee Meeting

October 27, 2006




Staff Members:

Present:  Casey Bonavia, Meryl Brooks, Anne Cavagnaro, Dave Chesnut, Dennis Gervin, Brian Greene, Lanai Hallmeyer, Patricia Harrelson, John Leamy, Shelley Muniz, Tom O’Neil, Karin Rodts and Adrienne Webster.


1)     Defining Reassignments

Clarified what we are actually looking for from the reassignments.

4 Faculty reassignments for the Curriculum piece (2 Voc Ed & 2 Arts & Sciences)

Lead person – Coordinate the staff development piece


The group of 5 would work together as a Task Force with guidance from this group, with the current group acting as a Steering Committee.  Four participants would work on Curriculum Development and the Lead Person would work on staff development activities.  The Curriculum Development activities could encompass research and development, looking at what we have, exploring and re-writing.  Hopefully a framework can be established.  Patricia asked us to think of the roles and committee as oversight for “learning support” vs “basic skills”.


Once the Task Force participants are defined, Dennis would like to sit down with them and further define their roles, what they would like to accomplish, goals and more brainstorming.



Dennis will get with the defined participants after today’s meeting hoping to launch the process next week.  Dennis will send out email results notification to Steering Committee beginning of next week (to advise of Task Force composition).


2)     Budget

Attachment of budget information and on-going top needs from last meeting attached for review.


3)     $30,000 Allocation

We do have the $30,000 confirmed for AAC Instructional Aide position.  This item has gone to College Council and been approve as a permanent position.  The hiring process can now begin.


(Susan Medeiros arrives)


4)     Faculty Hiring Prioritization

Two top positions have been approved through the Faculty Hiring Prioritization process. They are a 100% AAC Laboratory Instructor position and EMS (Emergency Medical) replacement.  Biology position was also approved, conditional upon funding.


5)     Future meeting dates

o       November 17, 2006 – (NOTE: this meeting will be from 330pm-430pm due to Academic Senate meeting on same day.)

o       December 15, 2006 – 230pm-430pm


Submitted by: Lanai Hallmeyer