Academic Wellness Advisory Committee Meeting


January 19, 2007




Mission Statement:

To promote academic wellness in an ongoing climate of growth and improvement throughout the entire college community for all students at all levels of preparation.



Agenda Items



1)     Update from Academic Wellness Educators Sub-committee

o       Website



2)     Early Alert



3)     Spring Semester Meetings

All meetings in Manzanita Conference Room


o       February 23, 2007    3:30pm (Academic Senate Meeting same day)

o       March 30, 2007                     2:30pm

o       April 20, 2007                        3:30pm (Academic Senate Meeting same day) CHANGED TO APRIL 19TH, 3:30PM



4)     Other??

Academic Wellness Advisory Committee Meeting

January 19, 2007




Staff Members:


Anne Cavagnaro, Casey Bonavia, Melissa Colon, Marty Gang, Dennis Gervin, Lanai Hallmeyer, Patricia Harrelson, Susan Medeiros (part of meeting), Gary Mendenhall (part of meeting), Shelley Muniz, Tom O’Neil and Adrienne Webster.


1)     Sub-Committee Update


·        Sub-Committee member Patricia Harrelson updated us.  Travel plans have been submitted for the entire team to travel to Pasadena to visit Pasadena City College – This college is currently working with the last year of a five year TLC (Teaching and Learning Communities) grant.  One of the pluses to visiting this site has to do with how (if) they will continue the program after the end of the grant (i.e. sustainability).  Copy of first page of website  was given out.  Our attention was brought to the Programs listed on the handout (i.e. Career Pathways, .XL Summer Bridge/First Year Experience, Math Science Program etc.).  Our team is also interested in their approach/diagram on Learning Communities.  Pasadena City College is trying a lot of different ways, so visiting with them will be valuable.


Other travel plans include:

The entire team would also like to go on a one day trip to Merced College to visit with Jennifer McBride to see their program. 

Adrienne and Anne are planning to travel to De Anza.

Patricia and Maryl are planning to travel to Reedley.

Meryl is planning on attending a Writing the Northern California Writing Center Conference.

Anne will be looking at a conference in Washington in the future.


(Susan Medeiros and Gary Mendenhall arrive.)



·        Patricia and Melissa introduced a Website that the sub-committee has been developing.  See the following site:


The site is intended to be quite comprehensive and to include Steering Committee and Sub-Committee information, Meeting Minutes, Current Happenings, Resources and also an area for posting “GIFTS”(Good Ideas for Teaching Students, *Inspired by Pasadena City College).  The “GIFTS” area is a collaborative way for staff and faculty to share Academic Wellness information and strategies with each other.


A photo was taken today of the attending members of the AWE Steering Committee for posting to the website.


The group congratulated and thanked the entire sub-committee and specifically Melissa Colon for the development and content of the website.



2)     Early Alert    

From our last meeting, Dennis did check with Gina Rose regarding numeric indicators in unused fields.  Gina Rose provided the following information:


From: Gina Rose
Sent: Thursday, December 21, 2006 10:40 AM
To: Dennis Gervin
Cc: Margo Guzman; Marty Gang
Subject: RE: Early Alert



We have talked about doing something like this and I believe next year Datatel is supposed to come out with some software for early alert.

We looked at a package called Aces at Contra Costa and it looked good but it doesn't work with Oracle. The tech person there tried to help us but at the lat 3CDUG meeting he told he didn't know what to do for an Oracle system.


So back to your question, let us take a look at using that field to generate a report.  Margo, let's chat.


Susan Medeiros reminded us that after the last meeting, a small sub-committee got together, (including Susan, Gary, Patricia, John Leamy and Karin Rodts), to discuss a temporary, non-technological approach that might be developed until technology would be able to assist with Early Alert.  That sub-committee developed a triplicate form (attachment 1) which was handed out to everyone for review.  The form allows for information to be gathered regarding why a student may not be making satisfactory progress and recommendations for opportunities to improve the student’s success in the specific course.  The student will receive the original form with the pink retained by the Instructor and the yellow going to the Counseling Office.  Instructions have already been sent to Certificated Staff and Management with a follow-up notice going out yesterday.  A supply of the forms were delivered to instructor mailboxes on 1/18 and copies have been supplied in the Instruction Office hallway form shelves.  It was noted that two forms have already come back to the Counseling Office.  Suggestion was made to add an “other” box to the recommendations area in the future since Supplemental Instruction was one option not listed and there could/should be a catch all.



Linda Watkins will be generating a list and putting together a spreadsheet in the Counseling Office as the forms come in.  At this time, Counseling does not intend to do follow-up calls on student’s who have not come in, however, EOP&S does intend to follow-up with their students.  Also, a SARS alert will be indicated on the student record as the forms are received by Counseling.


It was also suggested that as looking at long term solutions for the Early Alert process, the Master’s Thesis on Early Alert which was completed by Elizabeth Pfleging be used as a reference document.  It was noted that this document includes information on placement testing, self assessment/self referral, good questions for a researcher and indicators of at risk students.


Next Steps on Early Alert

·        Make this process visible and keep momentum going

·        Gary will re-convene the sub-committee to talk about the next step (ACTION GARY)

·        Tracking process of information gathered, multiple users & multiple ways to use information

·        Summarize thesis information

·        Prepare a workshop on Early Alert?

·        Gather input from Faculty

·        Will the next generation of tracking be electronic??



3)     MJC Classes to be Offered

Gary alerted the group to the fact that the WIB (Workforce Investment Board) has invited George Boodrookas from MJC to offer classes targeting populations in need of basic skills instruction.  Some of the offering requested include, Reading for Information, Locating Information, Applied Mathematics for the Workplace etc.  Non-credit classes offered students would not have to pay unit fees, so this is another approach to serving a need of this population.


ACTION GARY: Gary has delivered copies of the information to Anne, Patricia and Dennis. 



4)     Other

It was also noted that developing a checklist/annual calendar for continuous review for this group might be beneficial.



Submitted by Lanai Hallmeyer




The purpose of this referral is to let you know I am concerned about your progress in class.  I have indicated below the reasons for my concern and recommendations for steps you should take.  I will keep a copy of this form, give one to you, and forward one to the Counseling Department.  Please follow through with the recommendations because I want you to successfully complete this course.


STUDENT NAME: ______________________________________________________


STUDENT “w” ID# ______________________________________________________


COURSE # & NAME: ______________________________ SECTION # __________



Text Box: To improve your opportunity for success in this course, I recommend that you:

	□  Make an appointment to see me during my office hours
		Hours: ___________________  Office Location: _________________

	□  Make an appointment to see a counselor in Manzanita 14 or call 588-5109.

	□  Make an appointment for Tutoring in the AAC-Manzanita 18-2. 
    Call 588-5088.

	□  Visit the Math Lab in Juniper 5 (open 8:30am-3pm daily).

	□  Make an appointment for special testing and/or support services with  
                DSP&S.  Manzanita 18-3 or call 588-5130.
Text Box: According to my observations and record-keeping you are not making satisfactory progress because of:

	□  Missing assignments
	□  Failed tests
	□  Not meeting class participation requirements
	□  Not attending class regularly
	□  Not having the necessary skills for this course
	    Specifically  _________________________________________________


Instructor’s Signature ___________________________________  Date: _____________


Distribution: White-student; Pink-instructor; Yellow-counseling                                                   1/2007