Focused Inquiry Groups (FIGs)

FIGs are groups working on specific projects to enhance student success. Below is the current year FIG list and FIG leaders. For more information about a FIG please contact the FIG leader.

2011/2012 AWE FIGs
  1. Academic Achievement Center: This FIG provides additional tutoring and Supplemental Instruction (SI) services to support basic skills and student success.
    FIG Leader: Craig Johnston
  2. disAbility and Health Services Awareness Fair: This FIG creates a disAbility and Health Services Awareness Fair where staff, students, and community members participate in activities and sharing information about disability and health issues encountered on a daily basis.
    FIG Leader: Karin Rodts
  3. AWE Newsletter: This FIG maintains a monthly e-Newsletter featuring a faculty or staff AWEstar, a tutor’s corner feature, and updates about AWE activities.
    FIG Leader: Melissa Colon
  4. Online Embedded Tutors: This FIG trains and helps embed tutors into online classes.
    FIG Leaders: Melissa Colon and Craig Johnston
  5. GPS: This FIG is a campus wide initiative to instill tools for success in all students.
    FIG Leader: Adrienne Seegers
  6. Embedding Basic Skills in Distance Learning: This FIG is focused on embedding basic skills in Columbia College’s Distance Education Program.
    FIG Leader: Melissa Colon
  7. English as a Second Language (ESL): This FIG provides a multi level ESL program for the Columbia College service area.
    FIG Leader: Cheryl Divine-Jonas
  8. First Semester Experience: This FIG oversees a learning cohort for targeted students to provide a foundation for success in College.
    FIG Leader: John Leamy
  9. Health and Wellness Fair: This FIG is developing a Health and Wellness event that would introduce and educate students about the resources available on campus and in the community to support all aspects of health and wellness.
    FIG Leader: Kim Zubek
  10. House Call: This FIG provides “just in time” support for math in a variety of vocational courses.
    FIG Leader: Chris Vitelli
  11. On Ramp: This FIG provides a learning cohort to students who need to enhance their skills before returning to or entering college.
    FIG Leader: Courtney Castle
  12. Student Focus: This FIG provides a framework for students to build a strong community, increase self advocacy, and develop as campus leaders.
    FIG Leader: Alicia Kolstad
  13. AAC Summer Support: This FIG provides support for the Academic Achievement Center to offering tutoring services during the summer.
    FIG Leader: Craig Johnston
  14. Teaching and Learning: This FIG develops and implements a teaching and learning community on campus and online.
    FIG Leader: Twyla Olson
  15. Textbooks for Reserve Collection: This FIG purchases textbooks to be kept on reserve in the library to support students who are unable to purchase the needed texts for their classes.
    FIG Leader: Wendy Griffiths-Bender
  16. AWE Website: This FIG Maintains the AWE website and does the important work of providing visibility for the AWE community.
    FIG Leader: Melissa Colon
  17. Administrative Support: This FIG provides administrative support for faculty and staff in carrying out AWE activities.
    FIG Leaders: Vice President of Student Learning/Chris Vitelli
  18. Veteran’s Books: This FIG maintains a veteran’s text book library program and supports veterans in being welcomed by the College community.
    FIG Leader: Michelle Vidaurri
  19. Early Alert: This FIG is continuing to streamline the College’s Early Alert program.
    FIG Leader: Susan Medeiros
  20. DSP&S Tutoring: This FIG provides additional support for tutoring in the High Tech Center and to meet the needs of all disabled students.
    FIG Leaders: Craig Johnston/Karin Rodts
  21. Student Videos: This FIG creates student videos to help all students improve their success as students.
    FIG Leaders: Melissa Colon/Craig Johnston