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The mission of the Academic Wellness Educators is to promote academic wellness in an ongoing climate of growth and improvement in the delivery of learning support services throughout the entire college community for all students at all levels of preparation.

AAC Celebration
AWE is a college wide effort to enhance student success and is made up of students, staff, faculty, and administrators working toward this common goal. There are several subgroups of AWE that fill crucial roles. The AWE Core Committee is a small group that represents key campus constituencies and is charged with long range visioning and moving AWE toward constant improvements. The Core meets three times a year in a retreat format. AWE Vicotry GardenThe Steering Committee is a large and dynamic group that oversees budget and action planning for AWE activities at monthly meetings. Focused Inquiry Groups (FIGs) are groups of people who are working toward a shared goal. FIGs can be any size and only continue if there is still work to be done on their project. FIGs meet as often as they need to accomplish their work.

Columbia College is recognized as one of "The Hewlett Leaders in Student Success" Institutions of Higher Learning.
Hewlett Leaders in Student Success